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Residential Garage Doors - HORMANN

Hörmann understands how important it is to keep your most valued investment from the damages caused by nature and other elements.  We are constantly pushing our knowledge and experience to provide a safe, secure, energy efficient and convenient access to your home.


Polaris Garage Door Collection

Prestigious Natural Choice 
Handcrafted Carriage House Style
100% Real Wood Construction, 2¼" sections
R-Value: 6.3... Read More »


Aries Garage Door Collection

Durable Beauty Choice
Carriage House Style
Aluminum Construction
2" sections...Read More »


Solaris Garage Doors Collection

Modern choice
Glazed aluminum full view
1-3/4" sections...Read More »


Tucana Garage Door Collection

Retro Custom Beauty Choice
Recessed Panel Design
Polystyrene insulation, 2" sections
R-Value: 6.9...Read More »


Taurus Garage Doors Collection

Best Choice
25 Ga. Steel
Polyurethane foam core insulation
1-3/4" sections
R-Value: 16.1...Read More »


Sirius Garage Doors Collection>

Alternative Choice
1-3/4" HDPE sections
CFC-free expanded polystyrene insulation
R value over 5.0...Read More »


Phoenix Garage Doors Collection

Custom Beauty Choice
Carriage House Style
Polystyrene insulation
2" sections
R-Value: 6.9...Read More »


Orion Garage Door Collection

Better Choice
25 Ga. Steel
Polystyrene insulation
1-3/8" or 2" sections
R-Value: 6.3 - 8.9...Read More »

TimberLast™ Finish

Orion with TimberLast™ Garage Doors Collection

Better Choice with Natural Look & Feel
25 Ga. Steel
Polystyrene insulation available
2" sections
R-Value: Up to 8.9...Read More »


Gemini Garage Doors Collection

Sensible Choice, 25 or 24 Ga. Steel
2" sections...Read More »


Pegasus Garage Doors Collection

Economical Choice
25 Ga. Steel
2" sections...Read More »

More Information About Residential Garage Doors

Hörmann LLC, has an expanded line of quality doors guaranteed to not only function the way you want, but also add a certain level of curb appeal that is so important in the modern real estate market. Review some of our popular models and discover why purchasing from the Hörmann residential garage door can add to your home in more ways than one.

Available Products

Tucana 5250

The Hörmann Tucana Collection embodies the perfect blend of curb appeal and safety, featuring the beauty of classic recessed panel design. The Tucana is constructed with not just one, but two layers of steel, ensuring long-lasting durability with an easy to clean woodgrain texture. The insulating polystyrene core will not only boost your energy savings but will make for smooth and quiet operation of your new garage door.

Phoenix 5200

The Hörmann Phoenix residential garage door collection gives your home a unique, carriage house styled design that combines the long-lasting durability of steel with timeless, classic beauty. Not only is the Phoenix 5200 constructed using 2 layers of steel, but it features an insulating polystyrene core that will save you energy. All Phoenix collection doors come in a solid white color, allowing you to utilize our exclusive Galaxy Paint System to custom match your new door to existing color scheme and home décor.

Taurus 4250

The Hörmann Taurus collection combines safety, convenience and innovative modern technology offering an outstanding R-Value of 16.1 with Hörmann’s environment-friendly 100% CFC & HCFC free injected polyurethane core, providing you with maximum energy efficiency. The Taurus collection features a standard commercial grade hardware package that will add to the durability and strength of your new garage door. Constructed using door hinges that are firmly screwed into 4 layers of steel, the Taurus 4250 designs offer reliable operation and long lasting service life of your garage door.

Orion 3100/3200

The Hörmann Orion collection is one of our most popular choices and all around best value. The Orion design encompasses everything you could want in a garage door system: strength of multiple steel layers, efficiency of an insulating polystyrene core and the safety of Hörmann exclusive FingerGuard™ pinch resistant design that ensures no one will ever have their fingers caught. Sections and sides are sealed for protection from debris and outside elements and enhance the insulation value.

Orion 3210 with TimberLast™ Finish

The Hörmann Orion with TimberLast™ finish gives your home the elegant and finished look of natural wood without compromising the strength and durability of steel. Constructed to offer maximum protection and energy savings, the Orion with TimberLast™ finish features custom fit polystyrene foam insulation, as well as factory-installed section and side seals to protect your garage from outside elements. Make your home stand out with our Orion with TimberLast™ finish available in Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Walnut, and Rosewood finishes.

Gemini 2100/2200

The Hörmann Gemini collection is the ultimate bang for your buck. Coming to you in a variety of styles and designs, the Gemini collection is available in 9 different colors and your choice in steel thickness of 24 ga. or 25 ga. This door is crafted with fully boxed end and center stiles which add additional structural integrity to the entire door assembly. If you’re looking for a new garage door that won’t break the bank, the quality and durability of our stunning Gemini collection is the perfect fit.

Sirius 6200

The Hörmann Sirius collection is crafted with extraordinary detail featuring high-quality, wood-raised paneling with a corrosion resistant and durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The Sirius collection is constructed using vinyl weather seals between sections and panels and a CFC-free polystyrene insulation core which will boost your energy savings. Stand out from your neighbors with the eye-catching designs of the Sirius collection without the worries of rust, dent or warping for years to come.

SilentDrive® Openers

No Hörmann garage door can be complete without a matching SilentDrive® opener. All of our SilentDrive® openers are built with a DC motor and a fiber belt drive system that will make the operation of your door virtually silent. The soft “start” and “stop” features are adjustable, ensuring a quiet-running door at every stage of opening and closing. Our SilentDrive® garage openers are not only compatible with all of our garage doors, they are also packed with safety compliant UL 325 requirements.

Galaxy Paint System

The Hörmann Galaxy Paint System allows every homeowner to customize their home by choosing any color they desire within the visible spectrum. It is applied as a top coat sprayed over the pre-painted steel, adding an extra layer of protection from crazing, blistering, peeling, chalking or fading. Galaxy Paint System has been tested for salty atmospheres, humidity, various weathering conditions, abrasions, impact, and chemical resistance. It has also been proven to increase the lifespan of all garage doors in residential locations.

Benefits of Personalizing Your Home’s Exterior

Adding custom touches to your residential garage door will not only set you apart from your neighbors, it will also make your home more inviting and welcoming to you and your family. Life is all about the little things and coming home every day to a beautifully crafted, unique garage design will make you proud of your home. Enhancing your home’s exterior will make you feel good inside and it will also increase the value of your home whenever you decide to relocate.

Hormann's Lasting Quality Features

FingerGuard™ Pinch Resistant

Our FingerGuard™ pinch resistant joints add a new level of safety to all of our garage door residential designs. Our pinch resistant joints are specifically designed with our clients and their loved ones in mind; ensuring that no one will ever run the risk of having their fingers caught in the door.

Weather Resistant Seals

Our residential garage doors are finished with weather resistant seals that will keep out wind, water, and debris from the outdoors protecting the interior space. Not only do these seals promote a longer lifespan for your new door, but they will also add to your energy savings and ultimately your energy bill.

Commercial Grade Hardware Package

As an optional add-on bonus, you can choose to have your residential garage door upgraded with our commercial grade hardware package that will boost the durability of your new door to an unmatched level of quality. This package consists of commercial grade hardware & roller holders, 3” heavy duty struts, extended cycle spring, hardware and springs that will give your garage door the strength to last a lifetime.

Easy and Convenient

Since Hörmann has expanded to become one of the top leaders in the industry, it is easier than ever to order your new garage door and have it delivered right to your home. You can simply click on the Dealer Locator button or contact us directly so we can assist you in finding the closest dealer in your area. If you are looking to have something custom made, no problem! We have streamlined our production process making it easy to assist our clients in creating the garage door of their dreams. All residential garage doors come ready to install and can be painted in the future. Call us today and start making your home reach its full potential.

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